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Best Third-Party App Store for Android TV (Updated 2023)

by Natalie
App Store for Android TV

Android TV is a popular and widely-used smart TV available in the market. It runs on Android TV OS and supports a vast collection of apk apps. As it is a Google product, you can install all the popular apps and games from Google Play Store. Luckily Android TV supports third-party app stores as well. So, if you don’t find an app in the Google Play Store, you can install it easily with third-party app stores.

However, it is not completely safe to install the app by getting it from third-party app stores. Since we value the security and privacy of our readers, we can’t encourage this kind of activity. If you have all the prerequisites to protect your device, then you can continue sideloading or installing third-party apps on your TV. In this article, let’s look at the best app store for Android TV.

5 Best App Store for Android TV

The top 5 App Stores are discussed here with all indispensable things. You can install any of them with the help of Downloader on Android TV.

  1. Amazon App Store
  2. Uptodown
  3. GetJar
  4. Aptoide
  5. F-Droid

Amazon App Store

Amazon App Store for Android TV The best alternative to the Google Play Store. It brings plenty of apps and games based on the category you love. From Amazon App Store, you can get all apps, app updates, and manage subscriptions in one place.

amazon app store

Further, you also get access to rewards that help you to use the paid apps for free in the future. You can use your Android TV remote to navigate easily. In addition to the remote, you can also use a game controller and any Android-compatible device for quick navigation. You can save on apps with Amazon coins.


The next best third-party App Store for your Android TV is, Uptodown. It lets you install streaming apps without any specific restrictions. You don’t need to sign up for installing apps from Uptodown. You can install thousands of Android apps on your Android TV from this app.

uptodown is a best app store for android

In addition to apps, it also gives you enriched editorial content on apps. With Uptodown on Android, you can install, manage, and enjoy an extensive alternative catalog of apps. It is 100% safe to install apps, and it doesn’t come with viruses. You must try to use Uptodown on your Android TV to access thousands of apps.


GetJar is one of the oldest App Store available. It brings thousands of apps to users. From this app store, you can install many free apps & games and purchase popular games for your Android TV. Moreover, you will get some premium apps for free on GetJar.

getjar is a best app store for android

It can be installed on your Android TV from any browser as well as from the Play Store. GetJar uses a customer loyalty program that rewards its users with virtual currency. It also supports the widest range of different platforms such as Android, Java, Symbian, Blackberry, and iOS.


You can choose Aptoide for Android TV as an alternative to the Google Play Store. From this app store, you can install all the apps you want. Interestingly, this app lets you downgrade to a lower version if you face any problems with the latest version. As Aptoide is an open-source client version, you can look at the code to create their app stores.

aptoide tv

With the trusted stamps feature, you will know that the particular app is trusted and doesn’t contain anything malicious. It can sync with the apps that you have installed from other locations. As of now, there are 120 million devices that use Aptoide to install apps and games. Approximately it offers 350,000 apps to install on your Android TV.


The last best alternative for the Google Play Store is F-Droid. It is 100% free to use. Unlike other app stores, it also brings thousands of apps and games to install. The app catalog is completely non-commercial. You can install streaming apps in various categories such as entertainment, sports, games, news, music, and much more.


F-Droid doesn’t track your Android TV or the apps you install. It doesn’t send any data to its web browsers. It doesn’t include any registration process to install apps and games. You can install the F-Droid app and start installing apps on your Android TV. It is one of the best third-party app stores you can use on your Android TV instead of the Google Play Store.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best app store for Android TV?

According to our research, Aptoide TV is the best app store for Android TV.

2. How to install apps on Android TV without the Play Store?

You can install apps on Android TV without the Play Store by using sideloading tools like Downloader or Aptoide TV.

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