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Android TV vs Firestick – Which is the Best?

by Natalie
Android TV vs Firestick

Android TV and Firestick are two of the most popular streaming platforms available today. However, both have contrasting features, app stores packed with entertaining apps and smart features. Those looking forward to buying a new streaming device might be confused about choosing the right one between these devices. This article gives you a detailed comparison between Android TV vs Firestick.

What is Android TV

Android TV is a popular operating system for Smart TVs developed by Google. Therefore, it has been used in Smart TVs, TV Boxes, and other streaming devices for the past few years. The Android TV has a built-in Google Play Store that gives you access to all popular apps and games. Smart TV models from Hisense, Sony, and Sharp have the Android TV OS. In addition, the Android TVs come with a user-friendly remote to perform controls on your TV.

Android TV

Android TV is soon to be replaced by its upgraded version, Google TV. Google TV has updated features compared to Android TV. Upcoming Google devices will have this rebranded version, Google TV instead of Android TV OS.

What is Firestick

Firestick is a popular streaming device developed by Amazon. Firestick has a built-in Amazon App Store that hosts all popular apps. This App Store has all your favorite apps, and you can enjoy streaming them on your device. In addition, you can sideload apps on your Firestick. Firestick can be connected to your TV through the HDMI port and comes with physical remote control.


Android TV vs Firestick: Interface

Fire TV interface is more based on content that you can stream on your TV. The Fire TV home screen has three main tabs: Home, Find and Live. Older versions have more tabs like Your Videos, Free, Movies, TV Shows, Apps, and Settings. You can find ads for movies, shows, and a few apps that you have on your device. Also, you can watch a list of recently watched shows and recently used apps. You can search for apps, movies, and shows in the Find section.

Android TV vs Firestick

Android TV has a much simpler and ordinary interface making it easy to use. The Android TV interface displays a row of installed apps on the home screen. Following that, you can see a row of suggested content for you. However, Google TV has a more content-based interface that is more personalized.

Android TV vs Firestick

Android TV vs Firestick: Apps Available

Android TV has a built-in Google Play Store, which hosts all your favorite apps. You can download many movies and games from it. In addition, you can sid-load third-party apps from other sources to your device by using the Downloader app. On top of that, Android TVs have a built-in Chromecast feature that lets you cast apps from your smartphones and tablets. Therefore, you can access a lot of different apps on your Android TV.

Similarly, Fire TV gives you access to various apps and games. You have the built-in Amazon App Store from where you can download apps. Next, we have features of sideloading apps to your Firestick from unknown sources. Finally, the App Library shows you all the apps you have and gives you more app recommendations.

Android TV vs Firestick

Android TV vs Firestick: Streaming Quality

Fire TV Stick supports 4K streams 4K, Ultra HD, HDR 10 video streaming quality. Firestick gives you 8GB of internal space. If you need more space, Fire TV Cube has 16 GB of storage space. Different Android TV models have different price ranges and different streaming qualities. For example, the Nvidia Shield Pro with Android TV OS has a 500 GB hard drive. You can stream supported apps in 4K HDR with 60 FPS streaming quality. On top of that, you will get Dolby Atmos sound quality.

Firestick 4K

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Android TV vs Firestick: Voice Support

Firestick has voice search support with Alexa, which helps you find out what you are looking for. At the same time, Android TV has built-in Google Assistant support. If you prefer one of these voice support, you need to choose it over the other. With voice support, you can do more than just search for apps. You can adjust the volume and launch content.

In addition, you can make your Smart TV the center of your Smart Home. So, depending on the smart devices, you need to choose between Firestick and Android TV. It will help you make your system better and complete.

In Conclusion

From the above section, you can clearly understand that both streaming devices have advantages. If you consider Amazon Prime Video the main streaming service, you can get Firestick. This is because Firestick focuses on content from Prime Video most of the time. Also, depending on other smart devices you have, you can choose your ultimate streaming device.

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