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How to Enable Standby Mode on Android TV Box

by Natalie
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People spend most of their time watching TV. Thus there is a lot of power consumption made by your smart TV. On average, modern-day Android TVs take upto 58.5 watts of electricity. But, when you turn on the Standby Mode on Androi TV, it will consume only 1.3 watts of electricity. With the Android TV 13 OS, it will consume even lesser electricity. So, when you are not using the Android TV, turn on teh Standby Mode to preserve electricity.

Android TV Standby Mode Features

  • It works as the Power Management System of your TV.
  • It will increase the lifespan of the state of the system and peripheral devices in Random Access Memory (RAM).
  • The TV will go to Sleep Mode and you can turn on the Android TV easily.
  • In Standby Mode, background apps will be restricted.
  • The WiFi connection on the Android TV will be disconnected.

What is Standby Mode

Normally, all the smart TVs will have Standby Mode. Standby Mode is similar to Sleep Mode. Standby Mode is a power-saving feature that lets your device sleep when it is not in use without completely turning it off. We can know that our device is in Standby Mode when a solid Amber light is flashing on the body of your TV. When your device is not on Standby Mode, the light turns green. In the Android TV13 OS, the feature is called Low Power Standby Mode.

How to Turn On Standby Mode on Android TV

1. On your Android TV home screen, click on the Settings option.

How to Turn On Standby Mode on Android TV

2. Scroll down and select the Screen Saver and click on Put Device to Sleep. If the Screen Saver option is not available on your Android TV, click the More Settings option and choose Device Preferences. You will get the Screen Saver option on Android TV.

How to Turn On Standby Mode on Android TV

3. Click the Put device to sleep option. Choose any of the time intervals. You can set it up to 8 hours. But it is recommended to choose the shortest time interval.

4. If you have set it to 4 hours, your Andriod TV will go to Standby Mode if there are no movements on your Android TV.

How to Turn Off Standby Mode on Android TV Box

1. Press the home button on your Android TV remote.

2. Go to the Settings option on your Android TV home screen.

How to Turn Off Standby Mode

3. Select the Device Preference option.

4. Click on the Power option.

5. Tap the Idle TV Standby option and turn off the Standby Mode.


1. What happens if you leave your TV on standby?

When the TV is in Standby mode, it will consume less power. To get the TV back to normal, press any button on the remote control.

2. Is it ok to leave the TV on Standby Mode all the time?

Yes, you can leave your TV on Standby Mode instead of turning it off the TV.

3. What is Idle TV Standby?

Idle TV Standby will turn off your TV after a certain time when there is no activity on your TV.

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