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How to Use Android TV in Portrait Mode

by Natalie
Android TV in Portrait Mode

Portrait mode is the default mode on your Android smartphone. But for TVs, the default mode is the Landscape mode. If you want to use your Android TV in Portrait mode, you have to install and use the Set Orientation app. But, you can’t find the Set Orientation on the Play Store as it is unavailable and not optimized for Android TV. Sideloading is the only way to get this app to set your TV in portrait mode.

Using the Set Orientation app, you will automatically convert your widescreen into a vertical portrait mode since it is capable of changing the orientation of your Android TV. Portrait Mode will be useful when you want to play not-optimized games for Android TV.

This article will teach you how to set and use portrait mode on your Android TV through the Set Orientation app.

How to Set Android TV to Portrait Mode: Using App

1. Turn on your Android TV and head to the Apps section.

2. Locate the Google Play Store and launch it.

3. Click on the Search icon and type Downloader in the required field.

4. Locate the Downloader app developed by AFTVnews and hit the Install button.

Install Downloader

5. Wait for a while to download and install the Downloader app on your device.

6. Once the Downloader app is installed successfully, press the home button on your remote.

7. Now, navigate to the Settings icon from the home page.

8. From the options, go to Device Preferences → Security & Restrictions.

Select Security & restrictions

9. Click Unknown Sources → Turn on the Downloader toggle.

10. Now. go back to the home screen and launch the Downloader app.

11. Accept the storage and other permissions asked by the app on your TV.

12. Choose Home from the left pane, and type the below-mentioned URL in the required field.

Download link for the latest version of the Set Orientation app: bit.ly/3FRP7KX

Enter the APK URL of the Set Orientation app

13. Click Go to download the APK file on your Android TV.

14. Once the file is downloaded, open it and click Install.

15. Click the Open button to launch the Set Orientation app on your Android TV.

16. Install the Sideload Launcher on Android TV to open the Set Orientation app.

17. For the first time, you will get the confirmation popup. Click the OK button.

Set Orientation app

18. Click on the Down arrow on the menu to see more options.

Android TV Portrait Mode

19. Choose the Portrait option to set the TV in Portrait mode.

20. If your screen is upside down, click on the Portrait Reverse option.

21. You can also choose the Automatic option. This will change the orientation based on the app you are using.


1. How to fix if the set orientation app does not work properly?

Due to the app crashing issue, Android TV users may encounter the not working issue while using the Set Orientation app. To fix that issue, you have to clear the cache file and restart your Android TV.

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