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How to Install/Stream Android TV on a Windows PC

by Natalie
Android TV on PC

Android TV is a software platform developed by Google that allows users to play Android-based apps on a television. Android TV is relatively a new entrant in the world of Smart TVs. By using Android TV Box, you can turn any TV into a Smart TV. It can also be used to play games, and it is cross-platform. There are many Smart TV platforms, but none of them come close to Android TV when it comes to the number of apps available. It is an entertainment system that allows users to enjoy TV shows, movies, and games. Here, we see how to install Android TV on a PC.

Ways to Install/Stream Android TV on PC

There are two ways to install/stream Android TV on a PC.

  • Boot Menu
  • Android Studio


To install Android TV on a PC, there is a minimum requirement to be fulfilled.

ProcessorRAMStorageVideo Memory
1.2 GHz dual-core 64-bit Processor1 GB8 GB64MB

How to Install Android TV on PC Using Boot Menu

Create Space for Android TV

1. Launch your PC and right-click on the Windows Start menu.

2. Choose Disk Management.

Select Disk Management to install Android TV on PC

3. You need to select a drive so that you can shrink space from that drive and create a new drive.

4. Right-click on the selected drive and click on Shrink.

Select Shrink to install Android TV on PC

5. Enter the amount of MB you want to shrink and select Shrink.

Note: You need to shrink at least 10GB for Android TV.

Select Shrink

6. Go to This PC, right-click on the drive you have just created, and select Format.

Select Format

7. Now, rename the Drive as Android TV.

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Boot Your USB Drive

1. First, download the Android TV OS version for PC called Android TV x86.

2. You need to download and install a Rufus tool, which helps us make a bootable USB drive.

3. Connect a USB Drive to your PC with a minimum of 4GB space.

4. Now, open the Rufus tool. On Boot selection, select the ATV 9 x86.iso file. Then, on the Target system, select the USB Drive.

Select the USB Drive to install Android TV on PC

5. Click on Start to start the booting process.

Note: Make sure the USB Drive is empty and without any files.

Select Start

6. Once the booting is done, restart your PC.

Boot Menu

1. When your system restarts, go to the booting menu by pressing the F9 or F11 key.

Note: The key to open the boot menu may vary from system to system, so try pressing the popular boot keys like F8.F9, F11, and F12.

2. On the boot menu, select the USB Drive that you have just booted so that Android TV can boot on your PC.

Select the USB Drive to install Android TV on PC

3. Select the Installation option on the Android TV menu.

Select Installation

4. Now, to install Android TV on your PC, select the Android TV Drive.

5. Choose EXT4 File Format so that your drive will be formatted in that format.

Select Ext4 to install Android TV on PC

6. Select Yes on the menu that appears, and the installation of your Android TV will begin.

Select Yes

7. Click on Yes on Install GRUB so that it can help dual boot your PC.

Select Yes

8. On Save Disk Image, click on Yes so that you can create the image.

Select Yes

8. Once the Android TV has been installed on your system, select OK when asked to run Android TV.

 Select OK to install Android TV on PC

9. Follow the on-screen instructions to finish the setup process.

Android TV on PC Using boot menu

10. Now, you can use Android TV on your PC.

How to Stream Android TV on PC Using Android Studio

You need to ensure that your system has the minimum requirements to support Android Studio.

ProcessorRAMStorageScreen Resolution
1GHz 2nd generation Intel Core 64-bit Processor8GB8GB1280 x 800

Android TV on PC Using Android Studio

1. First, download and install the latest version of Android Studio.

2. When Android Studio asks you permission to update some tools, allow it.

3. Launch the Android Studio and click on Configure.

4. On the menu that appears, select AVD Manager.

Select AVD Manager

5. This will give you access to the Emulation section. Here, select Create Virtual Device.

Select Create Virtual Device to install Android TV on PC

6. Under Category, select TV. Select the one you want and click on Next on the list of profiles that appear.

Note: Choose the best one that fits your monitor. (1080p profile)

Select TV

7. Here, you need to choose the version of Android TV that you want to emulate and select Download.

Select Download to install Android TV on PC

8. Select Accept on the License Agreement and click on Next.

Select Next

9. Wait for the installation to finish and select Finish.

10. Click on Next to go to the Virtual Smart TV settings.

10. On the Settings window, set up your device based on what you want and select Finish.

Note: The RAM should be a minimum of 2048 MB for Android TV to work properly.

11. Here, click on the Play icon or double-click on the name of your Android TV.

Select Play icon

12. This will open up Android TV on PC.

Android TV on PC using Android Studio

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Frequently Asked Questions

1) How to Setup Android TV Emulator for PC?

You need to install Android Studio on your PC and use it to set up an Android TV Emulator.

2) Where to download Android TV OS?

Go to Android TV x86 iso and download Android TV OS for PC.

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