How to Fix Android TV Box Stuck on Android Logo

by Natalie

Most Android TV boxes, like MXQ Pro4K, Mi Box, and T95 box, have some minor issues. When you turn on or restart the Android TV Box, it may get stuck on the Android logo sometimes. The only fix for this issue is to reset the Android TV Box. Resetting the Android TV Box is not as simple as resetting the Android TV. You have to reset the Android TV Box from the recovery settings.

Reset Android TV Box

1. Grab your Android TV Box and locate the reset button.

2. You have to use a pin to press the Reset button.

3. The Reset button is also available at the bottom of the Android TV box that you can press with your fingers.

4. Now, insert the HDMI cable into the Android TV Box.

5. Using the toothpick, keep holding down the reset button on your Android TV box.

6. At the same time, plug the power cable into your Android TV Box.

Reset your device.

7. After a few seconds, you can see the booting screen.

8. Using your remote, navigate to Wipe Cache and clear the cache memory on your device.

Wipe Cache to Fix Android TV Box Stuck on Android Logo

9. Wipe off the cache memory up to three times.

10. Click on Wipe Data Factory Reset and all the data will be cleared.

Wipe Data on your Android TV Box

11. Select Power Off to shut down your Android TV Box.

Click on Power Off option.

12. When it turns on, the Android Logo will disappear and the TV box will function properly.

Resetting your Android TV box might not be the only step to fix the issue when your Android TV box is stuck on Android Logo. You can have some of the alternative steps as a backup plan to solve this issue.

Flash Android TV Box

Grab an external USE drive to flash your Android TV Box when it is stuck on Android Logo. When you flash an Android TV Box, it is equivalent to resetting the entire OS of the device. Using the USB drive is the simplest way to flash your Android TV Box. Before that, you must download a flash tool on your USB drive. After downloading the flash tool, insert the USB drive into your Android TV. Select Apply Update from SD Card option.

Flash Android TV Box.

After that, you will be redirected to the USB directory. Choose the flash tool that you have installed. If the flashing is done, your Android TV Box will restart automatically and run on a new version.

Contact Support

You can also contact the customer care center of your Android TV Box to seek a solution. The availability of support will differ based on the brand of the Android TV Box.


1. How do you reset an Android TV Box?

Using the Reset button, you can reset the Android TV Box.

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