Android TV 13: New Features and Updates

by Natalie

Every year Google announces its new products and updates that are to be released during the Google I/O Conference. The center of attention at this year’s conference was Android 13. Although Google released the Android 13 beta a few months back, it does not compare with the real version as the beta version does not include all the features. Update your Android TV to get the Android TV 13 beta version. During this conference, Google announced the new APIs and features, so that developers can get to know about the APIs and use these APIs when creating apps for Android TV. Now, let us talk about the APIs and their features.

New Features in Android TV 13

Android TV 13


Audio Manager API

This API helps developers to better anticipate where the audio is headed and what types of playback modes are available. This will be very useful in increasing loading speed and optimizing both native and third-party apps.


This API detects the time when you switch between different HDMI sources and pauses the applications, thereby avoiding wasted energy.


InputDevice API or Keyboard Layouts API

In this update, new keyboard layouts have been added for the API. And the TV allows the use of keyboards other than the QWERTY keyboard layout. This will be very helpful for gamers who use physical keyboards as this feature will allow the physical keyboards to work better with Android TV apps. There is also a new API feature that allows you to enable audio descriptions across all apps with the help of a new system-wide audio description preference setting.


Picture-in-Picture Mode

PiP mode

As we all know, PiP mode is a multi-window screen mode used for video playback. Now, Google has updated this feature to have a whole new level and made it available on Android 13. With the help of Android 13 OS, you can not only stream several screens on your TV simultaneously but can even customize the aspect ratio of the screen.

Keep-clear API

This API is used to ensure that the PiP window will never cover the most important content on the screen.

Low Power Standby Mode

When this feature is enabled, it will disable all network connectivity and imposes stricter restrictions on the apps. This will make your TV more efficient.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When will Android TV 13 be released?

The Android TV 13 will be released during Q3 of the year.

2. Is a beta version of Android TV 13 available?

Yes, there is a beta version available for Android 13.

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