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AirPlay Not Working on Sony Smart TV: Fixes

by Natalie
Airplay not working on sony tv

Sony TV is one of the best TV that comes with a ton of features. It is powerful and has the potential to download and use any kind of application. If you can’t find any of your favorite applications, you can use the screen mirroring feature or even AirPlay with the aid of another device. AirPlay enables you to cast a screen on Sony TV from your smartphones, laptops, or even computers. What if when you are likely to use AirPlay and it is not working on your Sony TV? Well, here are the solutions to it.

Different Scenarios of AirPlay Not Working on Sony TV

  • Check AirPlay settings
  • Updating Sony TV
  • AirPlay sound issue on Sony TV
  • AirPlay video issue on Sony TV
  • AirPlay Code
  • Black Screen
  • AirPlay Lags
  • Struck on AirPlay Screen
  • Resetting Sony TV

Check AirPlay Settings

Sometimes AirPlay may not work if you haven’t enabled AirPlay on your Sony Android TV settings. Make sure that AirPlay and HomeKit Settings are turned on.

1. Press the Input button on your Sony TV remote.

2. Go to the Settings menu.

3. Then, select the AirPlay & HomeKit settings.

AirPlay Not Working on Sony TV

4. Check whether the AirPlay feature is turned on.

AirPlay Not Working on Sony TV

Updating Sony TV

Updating Sony TV firmware to the latest version can help you resolve the AirPlay issue on your Sony TV. As Sony Smart TV runs on Android TV OS, you can update the Sony Smart TV in the same way as you update any Android TV model.

1. On your Sony TV remote, press the Home button and go to Settings.

2. In the Settings menu, choose Device Preferences.

Device Preferences menu

3. Select About and go to the Update option.

Update Sony TV to fix AirPlay Not Working on Sony TV

4. Once you click on Update, it will check for any available updates.

5. If a new update is available, it will be installed on your Sony TV.

AirPlay Sound Issue on Sony TV

When you begin to watch a movie or video via AirPlay on your Sony TV, you can see the screen, and suddenly the sound stops working. In this type of scenario, you can power reset your Sony TV.

1. To execute a power reset, you need to unplug the Sony TV power cable.

unplugging Sony tv's power cord

2. Now, wait for a minute or two before plugging in the power cable.

3. Then, plug the cable in and check if the audio is working.

4. Still, if you didn’t hear the audio, check if the Sony TV and the connected device are muted or if they have turned down the volume.

AirPlay Video Issue on Sony TV

Similar to the sound issue, if the video content is not streaming on your Sony TV, restart the Sony TV to fix the issue. After restarting the TV, try again playing video on Sony TV using AirPlay to check whether it functions normally. If you are still getting the issue, check whether the device used for AirPlay and Sony TV are connected to the same network. Once they are in the same network, the video starts to stream along with the audio.

AirPlay Code

To connect AirPlay to Sony TV, you need to enter the verification code on your Apple device. Basically, the code contains numeric characters and is used for the verification process. For a period of time, some Sony TV users have complained that the AirPlay code is not accepted. In the end, the user can’t be able to use AirPlay. If the code is not accepted, you can follow the below steps to connect Airplay to Sony TV. Before getting into the process, ensure that the code you are entering is exactly the same.

1. Go to AirPlay and HomeKit settings.

2. In the Require Code option, choose the Never option.

3. This will give you access to AirPlay content to Sony TV without the need for a verification code.

Black Screen

Getting a black screen on your Sony TV when you are watching some movies or videos using AirPlay from a connected device can bring you frustration. To get rid of it, you need a software update on your Sony TV. You can face such issues when your TV is not up-to-date. Once the update gets over, check if the AirPlay is available on your Sony TV.

AirPlay Lags

It will be annoying when you see lags on your video or audio on Sony TV using AirPlay. The major cause of this issue is due to the network problem. To overcome this issue,

1. Unplug the power cable of the modem directly from the source. Wait for a minute.

2. Plug it again and reboot.

3. Once the reboot process gets over, you can now see the content on Sony TV using AirPlay and check whether there is any lag.

4. If the lag continues again, check if the Sony TV and the other device using AirPlay are running with the latest firmware.

AirPlay Screen Stuck

Whenever you connect the AirPlay to the Sony TV, you will get a screen showing that AirPlay is starting. The screen disappears when AirPlay is connected with the Sony TV. But, some Sony TV users are facing issues that the TV screen gets paused and no further action. To solve the issue,

1. When your Sony TV gets stuck in such a scenario, restart your TV.

2. By holding on Power button, you will get a list of menus for performing operations.

Power button

3. Select Restart.

If you still get the issue, turn off AirPlay on your TV and turn it on again after some time. Now, you can check whether you are advancing through the AirPlay screen on your Sony TV.

Resetting Sony TV

Resetting the TV helps you to resolve Airplay not working on your Sony TV.

1. Press the Home button of your TV remote and tap the Settings icon.

2. Go to the Device Preferences menu.

3. Tap the Reset option, if the Reset option is not available, go to About and choose Reset.

Reset Sony TV

4. Select Erase Everything to reset the TV.

5. After the reset, check whether the AirPlay is working on your Sony TV or not.

If the AirPlay is not working on your Sony Smart TV, even after trying all the fixes, you need to contact Sony Support.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I turn on AirPlay on my Sony Bravia TV?

You can enable the AirPlay feature in the AirPlay and HomeKit settings.

2. How do I reset my Sony AirPlay?

To reset the AirPlay settings, you need to reset your Sony Android TV.

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